“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

It’s a common language that we as a tribe use, not jargon, but simplifying what we say and do. 

We are rigorous about Why? Why are we doing what we are doing and how it is going to change people’s lives. This is the purpose behind what we focus our relentless energies on.

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We are a tribe of strategists, culture spotters, design thinkers, designers, content creators, digital experts and more committed to creating meaningful business growth solutions. You can throw any problem at us for an effective solution and tangible results.

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Reimagining math for generations to come

Making math an essential life skill, a language, an art – a force to reckon with for the future

Can we get someone to enjoy math as much as pizza?

Showing people that math is all around them and can take them a long way if they keep aside their vendetta and learn to have fun with it 

Showing off the magic of math!

Intriguing parents to look at the wonders of the cuemath method and help them get over their math phobia so their child doesn’t suffer the same fate

Making going outdoors people's second nature

Get people to get outdoors and explore the world around them rather than mounting themselves on the sofa binging the next netflix original

Outdoors = Ninety One

The go-to spot for quality outdoor products that are stylish, accessible and easy at astonishing rates

Overcoming the ‘Hero’

Becoming a leading cycle brand, thus giving people a glimpse getting outdoors and eventually expand our portfolio. Transitioning Frog from India’s fastest growing cycle brand, to Ninety One – India’s biggest outdoor brand

A sleep solutions company

Helping people recharge anywhere and everywhere, be it at home, in a cab, in the office or at a concert to be the best version of themselves!

Sleeping right = living right

In today’s always-on world sleep is competing with life. As a sleep solutions brand we want people to rekindle with sleep by putting a conscious end to their day

A well Slept you is a purr-fect you

Educating people about the versatile effects that sleep can have on their body and mood using real life experiences. We are an ally that nudges them, is present for them when they need to perform

Fight Right

Elections are about winning and winning needs getting people together, irrespective of the stance, geography or history of the party. Our objective is people – understand people and rally people.

21st century Shastra

Open politics a data aggregator and precision marketing platform for political parties – helping them collect, analyse and take effective decisions. Building a brand that resonates with the political suite and stays true to the product. 

Talk the talk

Keeping it simple, to the point and giving the target group exactly what they they will need to get an edge to win.

Positioning for a single window portal for parents of India to find solutions for all their school going children’s education needs.

Pioneering a digital medical records service for India which doesn’t have access to unified records of their health.

Cleaning up the selling story and helping them raise funds for the platform.